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Online All India Annual Art Exhibition

2022 13th March - 31st March 2022

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Kala Srujan Puraskar

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Any ASI member can display his/her work in the Online Gallery of the ASI website for a specified period. The member needs to email the images of the art works to the Society. The artwork Sale Price and the ratio at which the proceeds can be split between the Artist and Society, will follow a standard procedure prescribed by the Society. The artworks of the members do not have to undergo any curation process before they can be displayed in the Online Gallery. This is one of the bids by the ASI to provide encouragement and promotion to the member artists.

Founders’ Week

Founders’ Week

The Founders’ week (FW) event is a favourable occasion for an exchange of ideas, live demonstrations of paintings and sculpture. The ASI, after traditionally observing Founders' Day on the 7th of April every year, had turned it into a Founders' week celebration in 2005. The event helps both art and the artists evolve.

During the Founders’ week, intense conversations on varied art-related themesare held through demonstrations, slideshows, lectures and seminars. The live demos during the week arouse immense curiosity and pull art lovers to the events in great numbers.

An exhibition of works done by members in the study tours adorns the wall of the Society’s office/studio space where the FW events take place. The audience can view the events through the week run on a large presentation slide screen at the venue.