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ASI Finacial Reports

Increase corpus fund.

Present value of the corpus fund is ₹30,60,093. Our target is to collect ₹1 Crore for Corpus Fund in next 3 financial years i.e. by 31st March 2021 and reach a value of ₹1,30,60,093 for the sustenance of the Society. Generous donations are requested for our Corpus Fund to reach the Target.

Library Restoration

Several old books in the Library need restoration. Also due to the precarious condition of some books they need to be scanned to preserve the contents. An amount of ₹25,000 is estimated for this purpose. Entire scope of library restoration could be sponsored.

Annual Events

Every year an Annual Exhibition is held at a rented place as the Society could never accomplish its objective of establishing a permanent Art Gallery. The cost of holding the Annual Exhibition and publishing Annual Report is ₹8 Lac approximately. Main sponsorship could be offered for holding Annual exhibition and/or Cost of printing Annual Report could be undertaken for a period of 2 years.

Artists’ Camps

The Society holds around camps each year in outside Maharashtra. An estimate of approximately ₹6 Lac is envisaged for holding such camps. Sponsorship could be offered for holding these camps.

Kala Snehi Nidhi

The expenditure incurred in running the Society is increasing day by day. Existing membership fee and income generated from other sources is just enough to manage the Organization. The Society not only offers a professional platform for Members but also undertakes responsibility of preservation & promotion of India Art. All members could donate ₹3,000 per head on the occasion of their birthday. All such contributions would be collected in ‘Kala Snehi Nidhi’- a fund that can take care of many new endeavours of the Society in addition to benefiting the Artists’ fraternity. Note: All Donations made to The Art Society of India will qualify for income tax exemption u/s 80G.

Anyone choosing to volunteer can do so. Names can be accepted and lists should be collected. Works can be assigned according to needs.

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