Become a Member

There are two types of memberships:
Annual Membership and Life Membership.
Any artist may opt to take either of these memberships.
The process of enrolling for Life membership can be done by downloading the given form. (instructions of filling will be available in the form itself.)

What entails a Life membership, or an Annual membership? What is the advantage of being a Life member ?
The single advantage of being an ASI Life member is that you get to vote for, and even contest, the ASI Working Committee elections, which are held every three years. The ones who only have the annual membership wont have these privileges. You have to necessarily be a Life Member.

All the other privileges are common to both annual and life members, such as:
Attending Study Circles, Study Tours; participating - in annual exhibitions, founders’ week workshops and exhibitions. Also, all members can avail a discount on the Annual Exhibition entry fee, while submitting their artwork entries.

Membership Form