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All India Annual Art Exhibition 2023 - 28th FEB - 6th March 2023

About ASI

The Art Society of India (ASI) was formed on 7th April 1918. It’s aim has been to bring the visual artists community in India together. It has provided the artists with an Indian platform to promote their Art. A century back, it stood up to the then predominant British Art institutes that practised Western Art, (‘The Sir J.J. School of Arts & The Bombay Art Society’). Therefore, it’s formation is a landmark act of courage and independence.

In a hundred years, the ASI culture has manifested through the ‘Study Circle’ and the ‘Study Tours’ it conducts for its members in a calendar year. This is also what makes it stand out as a genuinely buzzing art organization, indulging in visual art activities all the year.

ASI Founders


The ASI was founded by M.K. Parandekar, G.P. Fernandes, along with S.L. Haldankar and other noted artists. After an initial laidback start, the ASI gradually gained momentum and began to flourish. Artists from all over enrolled for membership, which also included the faculty members and students of the J.J. School.

ASI Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The ASI’s long-term vision is to elicit ‘Global acknowledgement of Indian Art’. Its mission is to provide a strong platform for developing and promoting Indian Art & Artists.

The endeavour to achieve these is manifested through certain laid out objectives:

  • Forming a network of visual artists: painters, sculptors, architects and photographers.
  • Equipping the Library with plenty of books. Encourage more members to access it freely and regularly.
  • Organizing Lectures on Visual Art, Conduct Life/Nude Study sessions, arrange Film shows on Art.
  • Holding Solo and Group exhibitions of Society Members & other Artists.
  • Publishing regular Newsletters; articles, essays, and other literature related to Visual Art through journals, magazines, souvenirs, catalogues.
  • Keep excelling in designing the pragmatically yet beautifully furnished ‘Art Gallery’ to display the best Art works from all over.
  • Setting up Branches outside Mumbai for promotion of Visual Art.
  • Inviting artists from India, as well as those residing Overseas, to become Life members.