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The Art Society of India

On April 7,1918,nearly 60 artists gathered in Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Mumbai with a common cause to inaugurate an organization which will promote Indian artists and Indian art and The Art Society of India was founded. Since inception well-known Indian artists like S.L.Haldankar, M.K.Parandekar, Shri.B.V.Talim, M.A.Joshi, V.P.Karmarkar, A.M.Mali, M.F.Pithawala, G.K.Mhatre, G.P.Fernandes were associated with the society.

The Art Society of India began with objects designed to bring the artist's community together & to promote its many sided progress and to promote Indian artists and Indian art. In 1931, the society acquired a place for its office at Hire House, Sandhurst road (Now Sir S.V.P. Road) in Mumbai. In 1936-37 it shifted to its present address at Sandhurst House,524 Sir S.V.P. Road, near Opera House.

Many renowned artists have so far contributed for upbringing the society. Shri G.S.Haldankar, K.K.Hebbar, M.K.Acharekar, John Fernandes are a few to name.

Today, society has nearly 1200 members. It has a well set library with rare books on various art topics which is fortified every year by addition of new books. Society carries out various activities. Four days a week it arranges life study sessions where professional artists as well as art school students gather to sketch, draw, paint from a live human model. Society also arranges demonstrations by eminent artists Lectures-slide shows by learned speakers, group discussions on art topics and landscape outdoor tours to the places near Mumbai as well as far away places of interest for landscape artists. Every year the society organizes Annual All India Art Exhibition where selected works of artists from all over India are exhibited.Every year in April, society celebrates Founder's Week Celebration to memorize inception of the society.

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